Call for Papers

Papers are invited on the following subjects:

  • heat island observations
  • designing communities / urban planning / urban morphology
  • mitigation technologies (roofs, pavements, vegetation, man-made heat)
  • analysis tools
  • modeling (meteorology, air quality)
  • measurement and evaluation
  • case studies
  • air quality / climate / local heat island
  • health effects
  • economic effects
  • energy effects/ CO2 impact
  • transportation
  • government policies (global, national, state, local)
  • implementation (standards, rating & labeling, incentives, volunteer, education)


Extended abstracts should be of two pages length and in English. Please send your abstract submissions to Dr. Melvin Pomerantz at

Submission due date extended to: December 1, 2008

Template for Abstract

  1. Title
  2. Authors
  3. Subject
  4. Key Words (choose from subjects in the Call for Papers)
  5. Extended Abstract (two pages)