A house with a white cool roof.

The Cool Roofing Materials Database was created in 1998 and may not be current.

Most of the solar reflectance data were provided by the Berkeley and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and by the Florida Solar Energy Center. Work at Berkeley has been funded by the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) (Mark Decot, Program Manager) and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (Jenifer Dolin, Program Manager). Work at Oak Ridge and Florida has been funded by DOE and the State of Florida.

It's a pleasure to acknowledge the advice of our many colleagues in industry, too numerous to mention here. We at Berkeley Laboratory understand the thermal performance of buildings and how to measure solar reflectances, but are students of the the roofing materials industry in most other matters. We hope the useful advice will continue, and allow us to improve the Cool Roofing Materials Database. Particularly helpful were:

3M Corporation, St. Paul, MN

Aluminum Association, Washington, DC

Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association, Rockville, MD

Berkeley Solar Group, Berkeley, CA

Gerrard Roofing, Brea, CA

Henry Company, Huntington Park, CA

ISP Minerals, Hagerstown, MD

Karnak Corporation, Clark, NJ

Kerr-McGee Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK

National Coatings Corporation, Camarillo, CA

Palmer Asphalt Company, Bayonne, NJ

Rohm & Haas, Philadelphia, PA

Roof Coating Manufacturer's Association, Rockville, MD

Sarnafil, Inc., Canton, MA

Silberline Manufacturing Co., Inc., Tomaqua, PA

SPM Thermo-shield Inc, Custer, SD

Transmet Corporation, Columbus, OH

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