Beyond White — Advances in cool colors (2008)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Concordia University's brochure to highlight the cool-colored roofing research funded by the California Energy Commission. (2pp, 0.3MB)

Cool Roof Fact Sheet (2010)

U.S. Department of Energy's brochure on cool roofs; describing the science behind cool roofs, how to purchase cool roof materials, and the benefits of cool roofs. (2pp, 1.3MB)

Cool Roof Q&A (2009)

An informational cool roof primer from the Heat Island Group. (14pp, 0.2MB)

Cooling Our Communities: A Guidebook On Tree Planting And Light-Colored Surfacing (1992)

A primer on how to reduce the urban heat island effect by implementing effective mitigation strategies. (245pp, 17.4MB)

EPA's Reducing Urban Heat Islands: Compendium of Strategies (2008)

Reducing Urban Heat Islands: Compendium of Strategies (October 2008) describes the causes and impacts of summertime urban heat islands and promotes strategies for lowering temperatures in U.S. communities. It provides an overview of heat islands, how they form, and their impacts, and describes key urban heat island reduction strategies in depth. It also describes voluntary and policy efforts undertaken by state and local governments to mitigate urban heat islands.

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GCCA Cool Roofs and Pavements Toolkit (2012)

The Global Cool Cities Alliance (GCCA) has launched a Cool Roofs and Pavements Toolkit to help cities, regions, organizations, and building owners develop and deploy successful cool surface initiatives.  The Toolkit is an on-line resource that GCCA will build up over time with targeted tools for a range of audiences. It is being launched with the publication of a primer and implementation guide, which are designed to be helpful to cool surface novices and experienced cool program managers alike.

Guidelines for Selecting Cool Roofs (2010)

The U.S. DOE's Guide to understanding and selecting the cool roof that is right for your home or building. (23pp, 0.8MB)

IEA Annex 80 State-of-the-Art Review Section 4.2: Cool Envelope Materials (preprint)

This pre-print forms part of the International Energy Agency Annex 80 (Resilient Cooling of Buildings) official report “State-of-the-Art Review”, due to be published in full in 2021.

Please cite as

Kolokotroni, M., Levinson, R., Mahdavi, A., Salvati, A., Teufl, H., & Zinzi, M. (2021). Section 4.2: Cool Envelope Materials. Preprint of content to be published in the International Energy Agency Annex 80 (Resilient Cooling of Buildings) State-of-the-Art Review in 2021.