Heat Island Group intalls Cool Pavement Showcase in Bevatron parking lot

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Heat Island Group, in partnership with the Facilities Division, has launched an exhibit of “cool” pavement technologies in the newly-opened Bevatron parking lot, unveiling four solar-reflective coatings donated by Emerald Cities Cool Pavement. This showcase of Berkeley Lab’s cool pavement research is part of a cooperative effort with the State of California to advance the use of cool pavements, including an upcoming pilot project at school playgrounds.

The first installment of cool paving materials was applied in the parking lot on Tuesday, June 12. Additional reflective pavement products from other vendors may be installed in the coming weeks and months.

Project team members include Joe Cullen, Vic Haskett, Ted Mankowski, John Patterson, Shawn Smith and Ian White (Facilities Division); Jerry Ray and Bill Wells (Environment, Health & Safety Division); Laura Sanders (Office of Chief Financial Officer); Haley Gilbert, Doug Davenport, Ben Mandel, Sharon Chen, Ron Scholtz and Ronnen Levinson (Environmental Energy Technologies Division); and Emerald Cities Cool Pavement, our first industry partner in the Cool Pavement Showcase.